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XSS Chef: A web app inspired by CyberChef for creating JavaScript payloads

I have published a web app on GitHub that I have been working on recently to make the process of making scripts when creating proof of concepts on pentests a bit less tedious / not require as much digging through past scripts etc.

As the title suggests, this has been heavily inspired by CyberChef - it adopts a similar approach, allowing you to chain various "recipes" together and just filling out the required fields to generate the JavaScript.

There is currently not a huge variety of recipes available, but I am hoping to add more in the near future and hopefully will receive some ideas from the community or pull requests to add some more in.

A live version of the app can be found at: https://rastating.github.io/xss-chef/

A demo can be found here: https://twitter.com/iamrastating/status/1090758690519564288

And finally, the source code can be found at: https://github.com/rastating/xss-chef

Hopefully it is of use to people / someone / anyone :)

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