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CCDC Red Team Live Q&A - 5/3 @ 12PM CST!

Note: Submit your questions via Sli.do Q&A!!!

Hey /r/netsec! Dave and I are excited to announce a new Q&A with the Red Team! Thanks to /r/netsec mods for supporting this event!

Dave and myself are hosting the event and he’s written a little description below about what to expect!

Dave’s Introduction (/u/NCCDC_DCowen)

Hello Reddit! My name is David Cowen and since 2007 Ive been the captain of the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Red Team (also known as NCCDC). CCDC is a network security defense contest where student teams are pitted against real world information security professionals. Student teams or blue teams defend their networks while the security professionals or red team attempts to break in. CCDC is a competition open to any college (2 or 4 year) who gets together a team of up to 12 full time students, of which two can be graduate students. Eight of those team members can compete in a CCDC event, and the events usually last 10-25 hours of gameplay over two days.

Teams first qualify locally and then can move on to regionals. There are 10 regionals around the US and the winning team from each is flown to the National Championship (NCCDC) to face my team.

My team consists of professional penetration testers, reverse engineers, social engineers, security software developers and other security professionals who get to ignore the normal rules of the world for a weekend and try their dirtiest tricks against the best college teams in the nation. How dirty? In the real world we cant just go around leaving custom malware and wiping systems but in NCCDC we can! Its the ability to play a real bad guy that brings in very motivated attackers to be on my team. CCDC, and specifically NCCDC, is different from other computer security contests as the red team is the only attacker. The student teams (blue teams) are there to defend their network while achieving business objectives given to them by organizers posing as their CEO.

The scenario differs but usually follows this basic scenario, you and your team have just taken over an already active IT infrastructure. The prior IT team was fired and you have to quickly jump in and get things in shape. At the exact time as the teams start entering their rooms and securing their systems, the red team is given the IP addresses of the teams and nothing else. We both walk in blind, the blue team gets a packet about their network including passwords while the red team gets a list of IP address ranges and from that point on its a race to see who will win. Our objective is to emulate sophisticated threats that, just like the real world, don’t play by the rules. We apply this mindset to all teams and act as the adversarial force. The team that can demonstrate the best proficiency in responding, remediating, and eradicating our intrusions wins.

This year, myself and Alex Levinson, one of my core Red Team members, are going to do a Livestream AMA on the Forensic Lunch podcast! In order to help anyone that can’t listen in live, we’ve put up a sli.do where you can submit, and vote on questions ahead of time. The podcast will also be recorded and published for anyone unable to attend.

We’re looking forward to having an amazing discussion with anyone interested on Friday!

David Cowen

National CCDC Red Team Captain


David Cowen, Red Team Captain

David Cowen, CISSP, is a partner at G-C Partners, LLC based in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Cowen is one of the authors of Hacking Exposed: Computer Forensics first and second editions, the third edition of the Anti-Hacker Toolkit and Computer Forensics: A Beginners Guide, all from McGraw Hill. Mr. Cowen is also the author of the popular Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog and a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S. in Computer Science. Mr. Cowen has been the captain of the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Red Team for 14 years.

Twitter: @HECFBlog

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dcowen/

Reddit: /u/NCCDC_DCowen

Alex Levinson, Core Red Team Member

Alex Levinson is a Senior Security Engineer at Uber, based in San Francisco, CA. Alex is the author of GSCRIPT, a popular framework for creating adaptive, multi-payload, stagers and droppers. Prior to Uber, Alex was a Senior Consultant and oversaw red team tool development for Lares Consulting. As a kid, Alex got into security by being one of the administrators and maintainers of AutoRune, a well known botting software for Runescape Classic. Alex competed in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition as a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, and has been a member of the Nationals Red Team since 2012.

Twitter: @alexlevinson, @CCDCRedTeam

Github: github.com/gen0cide

Reddit: /u/gen0cide_

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexlevinson/


Livestream starts at Friday, May 3rd, 2019 at 12:00PM CST.

In the meantime, Sli.do is open for the audience to upvote questions ahead of time here. (#CCDCRedTeam2019)


Livestream information will be posted closer to event and will be updated here, as well as posted on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


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